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Post-Natal Yoga Classes in Balham, Wandsworth

Balham Post-Natal and Mother and Baby Yoga Classes


Date: TBC Balham Baptist Church Hall, 21 Ramsden Road, London SW12 8QX - (5 min from BR / free parking) 

Babies who aren't crawling at any speed are welcome!

Now you are a mother. You have changed physically and emotionally. whYoga's Balham Mother and Baby Yoga Class can help you feel confident about handling your new responsibilities and keep you grounded. The breathing practice can energise you after an interrupted night’s sleep and the postures can support you physically and help balance your hormones, calming their vibrating pulse. A loss of endurance is commonplace after pregnancy and birth and many of the yoga postures work directly on increasing stamina.

The Mother and Baby Yoga Class focuses on strengthening your pelvic floor to revitalise the muscles and help you retrieve perineal sensation and correct any incontinence. It will focus on releasing tension from your neck and shoulders as these areas become tight and inflexible as a result of nursing and carrying your baby. It will focus on strengthening your back and adapt the muscles to the demands of bending down towards your baby.

The Mother and Baby Yoga Class also includes an effective abdominal programme using a unique sequence of postures that are both safe and supportive for the lower back.

Finally, the class will close with restorative poses to aid fatigue during the first few months of motherhood so although each Mother and Baby Yoga Class aims to be an energising experience it marries this with poses that promote renewal and regeneration.

Following completion of the Mother and Baby Yoga Class, Skip advises you to join the All Levels Class (half price 10 week offer for your first course) to maintain your fitness and equilibrium.

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