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Workshop Yoga Classes in Wandsworth

Balham Continuous Flow Yoga Masterclass - Summer


Monday 17 June - Balham Library Hall: 8pm - 10pm

16 Ramsden Rd, London SW12 8QY

These workshops are choreographic  creative and original. Each whYoga Masterclass is held at Balham Library Hall around the solstices and equinoxes. They are an intense and focused 1-hour continuous flow yoga practice that begin with a half an hour warm-up followed by a unique sequence of yoga postures over 60-70 minutes, enabling progressive, deeper movement into each pose. The main body of work is followed by a warm-down and supine meditation, specifically written for the time of year.


The whYoga Sequencing Masterclass accelerates the flushing of toxins from the body and increases concentration, it develops muscle tone throughout the body but particularly in the upper body and abdomen. Each pose integrates movement with deep abdomino- and thoraco-diaphragmatic breathing. It is reasonably paced and the time in each pose extended those few extra breaths to allow lift, expansion and then relaxation. The sequences Skip devises possess a measured quality designed to challenge focus, willpower, a strong mental attitude and above all cultivate compassion.


The positive affects of the whYoga Sequencing Masterclass last for days and it is particularly effective for those students who feel they have reached a plateau in their practice.


Beginners and Post-Natal students can partake in this yoga workshop too as each student is encouraged to rest whenever they need to. Those already attending the Balham All Levels Yoga Course can attend this class at no extra cost as part of their course.


For health and safety you will be required to bring your own yoga mat to these workshops.  Environmentally friendly, hypo-allergenic mats and equipment can be purchased in our Shop ​and will be brought to class. No camping mats or towels allowed. To book a class see Booking.


​The classes are designated for people at all stages of their practice and are safe if sometimes challenging. All are welcome irrespective of experience.


For the past 19 years in Balham and Earlsfield, Skip Oliver (founder of whYoga) has been running All Levels Yoga Classes and Workshops and training yoga teachers in the WHYOGA Art of Sequencing. An All Levels Yoga Class embraces All Levels of practitioner, including Post-Natal. To book a class see Booking. 

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