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All Levels Yoga Classes in Wandsworth

Earlsfield and Dorking Open Yoga Class 


Wednesday - Earlsfield Library Hall: 7.30pm - 9pm

Saturday - Forest Green Hall, nr. Dorking/Cranleigh: 9.00am - 10.15am 

An Open Yoga Class that embraces All Levels including Pregnancy. 

This Open Yoga Class explores the full calming pantheon of the yoga tradition. Vinyasa yoga flow is approached slowly and meditatively and is complemented by longer holds in static poses, often with props. This class is suitable for all level of practitioner and is particularly beneficial for busy people looking to cultivate serenity including pregnancy students (see Pregnancy. To book the class,see Booking.


Practice Notes:

It takes about 6 weeks of once or twice weekly classes for the body and mind to settle into the literal and physical language of Hatha Yoga. After six weeks a yoga beginner will feel a greater mastery over their practice; the mind will stop reasoning and the body will feel and act by its own intelligence. When this occurs the mind is then given the space to engage in present moment awareness; the foundation of living fulfilment.


For health and safety you will be required to bring your own yoga mat to all yoga classes in Balham or Earlsfield. Environmentally friendly, hypo-allergenic mats can be purchased in our Shop. No camping mats or towels allowed. Please consider purchasing a half yoga block and 5 yoga blocks (for inversions and restorative poses) and a D ring yoga belt. Alternatively, for the latter two, you can bring a thick blanket and a long sock. To book the class, see Booking.

For 20 years in Balham and Earlsfield, Skip Oliver (founder of whYoga) has been choreographing original yoga classes that are suitable for all level of practitioner.

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