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YOGA BANANAS® Children's Yoga Teacher Training UK

Established since 1998, the Yoga Bananas Technique™ is a pioneering and unique Children's Yoga Teacher Training Course in the UK in which movement and physicality of the body play a predominant role in helping children understand and take control of their mind's narrative. The technique not only builds children's confidence but by the very nature of yoga and its roots within the sacred Vedic tradition also offers children the opportunity to explore their intuitive nature and spirituality. Skip has personally trained over 1200 people in small groups since its inception.

The training is offered in small groups and takes place near Dorking, Surrey over 3 Days. The training includes the valuable written learning aid of a 45,000 word Manual with illustrations written by Skip Oliver.

Price £695

The Digital Detox Every Teenager Needs

TEEN YB™ Yoga Teacher Training For Teens UK

Teen YB™ offers an informed, practical and personal approach to Teacher Training for Teens. It reinforces the importance of a heathy diet, exercise, keeping regular sleep patterns and maintaning a happy mind. Becoming a teenager is one of the most transformational physical and emotional stages of a human being's life. Peak performance, quick reflexes, fast and efficient decision making are all the domain of a teenager. However, when teenagers find their normal environment is altered by an emotionally-charged event such as their parents' divorce, confusion, compounded by low empathy levels and a need to be validated, can manifest in extreme behaviour, like self-harming, drug-taking and obsessive compulsive disorder. An exploration of the body and mind through yoga postures, sequences and meditation techniques can alleviate the stress that accompanies these experiences and also the stress of dealing with the day-to-day challnge of existing 'in between'. 

The training is offered one-to-one or in small groups and takes place near Dorking, Surrey over one long day, 10am - 8pm. Contact askskip@yogabananas.com to arrange a mutually convenient date. The training includes the valuable written learning aid of a 55,000 word Manual with illustrations written by Skip Oliver.

Price £325

Because How We are Born Affects How We Live

WHYOGA™ Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training & Manuals

The WHYOGA Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training will prove invaluable to yoga teachers, and yoga teacher trainees searching for safe yoga techniques, knowledge and understanding of this transformative and profound experience. All yoga techniques material is written by Skip Oliver and all physiological discussion is experientially informed and extensively referenced. Skip is a natural birth advocate who believes that unless there is truly something physiologically preventing it, all women can have the positively memorable birth experience they hope for. It is the system that women have become to depend upon that all too often fails them, not women themselves. Knowledge is all that is needed to favourably steer the course of a woman's labour and birth. Skip's work is inspired by her own 3 home births, two with independent midwives and the last with renowned obstetrician and author, Michel Odent, who encouraged her to dedicate her life to challenging the received wisdom surrounding childbirth in order to benefit society - for how we are born, affects how we live. (Michel Odent). 

The training offers a demystified and de-medicalised approach to pregnancy, labour and birth and includes empowering and informative scripts for use in a pregnancy yoga class. It also offers all the practical advice you need on writing classes for pregnancy and the post-partum phase and how to structure a class for pregnant women. The training is offered one-to-one and takes place near Dorking, Surrey over one long day, 10am - 8pm. Contact askskip@whyoga.com​ to arrange a mutually convenient date. The training includes valuable written learning aids; a 30,000 word Physiology Manual and a 25,000 word Yoga Techniques Manual with illustrations written by Skip Oliver.

Price £500

Pregnancy, Teens and Children's Yoga Teacher Training


Skip Oliver has been training yoga teachers since 1999. She is a skillful yoga teacher trainer who has written all her own material, the total body of which is experientially informed and creatively original. She was one of the first teachers in the UK to write a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training and Children's Yoga Teacher Training and is recognised as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with the Yoga Alliance US and a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance Professionals and Yoga Elder with Independent Yoga Network. All three registrars endorse her teacher trainings. All her trainings are held in Surrey.

'Rumpus', 4 New Road, Forest Green, Surrey Hills, RH5 5SA

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Teen Yoga Teacher Training Course

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