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Mental Health: Walk The Green Path

'It's an empowering, enlivening journey walking the Green Path'. That is, as forager and herbalist Robert Harford tell us, 'to spend more and more time outside meeting plants, sitting with them to observe their life cycle through the various seasons and getting out of your head, off your screen, off the touchline of life and into the WILD!' The easiest way to do this, he says, is to Pick, Crush & Sniff a plant every day because doing so wakes up our senses and is known as Organoleptic Learning. If you're interested in learning more then take a look at this extensive list of resources.

I have subscribed to Robin's newsletter. His fantastic site is: - it's been fascinating this morning learning the difference between hemlock and cow parsley!

#walkthegreenpath #eatweeds #robertharford

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