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Mental Health: Clean Home, Clean Mind

That well known proverb 'Home is Where The Heart Is' is just where we should be centring our attention now for the whiff of spring is in the air and today is a good day to get ahead of the annual clean that sees us discard the detritus of everyday living for an empowering Zen-like existence. Don't be overwhelmed, just be methodical and feel the lightness grow in your heart as you begin to tackle the job just one room at time and from top to bottom and left to right. One room a week is quite enough and unless you live in a palace you'll be done by the Spring Solstice and cleaning your house will in the future be a much smoother and enjoyable operation. Then, think before you buy, you don't want to spoil your industry by filling up your home with more stuff. :0) Also, use the experience of spring cleaning to observe your mental state before you tackle your first room, during the clean and then once it's done. Spring cleaning definitely will improve your mood and make you more productive in the future (especially important now we're all working from home). I'm going to begin with my bedroom and en-suite, which is almost certainly going to give me a great night's sleep tonight. #springcleaningforhealth #benefitsofspringcleaning #cleanhomecleanmind

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