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Mental Health: Live To Be Human

Do you ever feel like you've been on the go since you were born? Do you feel that life is a constant struggle? Is there a way of stopping that feeling? Perhaps waking and then walking out the door of your home, closing it and ambling away? And as you walk shedding the layers of responsibility, shedding the self-doubting, shedding the disappointment and heading towards the light ahead that you embrace as a glimmer of self-realisation.

And then when you have that glimmer sealed in your spirit, dance. Dance to the rhythm of the life that you witness all around you, dance to awaken your inner child's song and laughter, tantrums and sleeping breath. Then when the glimmer of self-realisation expands listen to the poets in their own voice, listen to them until their lyricism enriches your mercurial soul; for those men and women who have moved your psyche and stirred your heart into action only live on because of you.....

Are you ever happy with yourself? Happy with yourself because you know you are a rare and inspiring being, embraced by the dimension that holds this Earth?

Do something for yourself, live like a human and follow the laws we have studied over the last year:

  • Commune with nature

  • Practice non-judgment

  • Sit quietly, doing nothing, in silence for 30 minutes in the morning and the evening

  • And give, give, give...........

  • Download 'Ramblin' Man' by Lemon Jelly (album: Lost Horizons).

And continue to walk; walk everywhere and look around you. Keep witnessing until you feel your mind opening to reveal its life-giving kernel. #livelikeahuman

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