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These Offers Apply to Wandsworth Courses.

Refer A Friend

If you have enjoyed any of the yoga events and you know of anyone who might benefit then please do make use of our referral offers. The referral offers are for people who have attended at least one course. A 50% loyalty discount is offered to you on commensurate courses when your referral books on to a course. A £5 discount/voucher to you for every friend you introduce to a Masterclass.

Former Pregnancy Student 10 Week Offer

If you have attended a pregnancy yoga course with Skip and would like to continue your practice by joining the supportive and beneficial All Levels yoga course then book onto a 5 week course and we will add you to the 10 week course list. You may choose your start date and we will run your 10 weeks from that date. That's a helpful saving of £80 on your first course. We hope it will kickstart your practice.

Bespoke Courses

whYoga also offers bespoke consecutive week courses for those who would like to join mid-course or would like the flexblity of choosing their start and end date. Each class is unique so it's fine to join in at any stage of a listed course.

For 2-4 week courses the pro rata is £16.50 per class.
For 5-9 week courses the pro rata is £16.00 per class.
For 10 week courses the pro rata is £13.75 per class.

Masterclass Offer

If you are an attendee on an All Levels course at Balham when whYoga runs its equinox/solstice Masterclasses on Monday night then you do not have to pay the drop-in fee of £25. If you are an attendee on an All Levels course at Earlsfield then you can pay the reduced fee of £17.50 to attend the Masterclass.


'Rumpus', 4 New Road, Forest Green, Surrey Hills, RH5 5SA

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