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Skip in Santorini

Fully-certified since 1999, I’ve been successfully coaching clients throughout South London and Surrey area and facilitating their self-growth through the spirit of yoga. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, my classes aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation - Skip Oliver

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"Such powerful and engaging classes for both mind and body.  Skip's quality instruction and unique sequences have so much impact.  Her teaching is both spirited and deeply spiritual. Zoom classes are delivered from her peaceful family home in the Surrey hills: Boo, her Romanian rescue dog is a regular and birdsong from the garden a unique soundscape.  Skip builds in challenge and mastery for all levels.  She gets to know all her pupils well and easily fine tunes a pose to suit the quirks of injuries / tightness for example as well as developing aptitudes. Classes include mastery of poses and flow sequences where breathing and repetitions develop performance. Meditations and relaxation are significant aspects to the classes too. Her pregnancy classes prepared me so well for labour and transition to motherhood at 40 then 44.  The challenge and support I derive from the series of 4 weekly classes is so valuable. Each has a different quality and practising at different times of the day is an eye-opener. Skip's physiological knowledge, yogi wisdom and integrity are broad and deep; as a teacher she is hard to beat and her classes are quite simply superb."

Sue Daley, London

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