Balham Library Hall



with Skip Oliver 



Live Streaming:

Yoga Bananas Monday: 7.15-7.45pm (children's yoga class)

'Stretched Out Monday': 8pm-9.30pm (all levels haha flow with yoga nidra)

'Flow & Focus Wednesday': 8pm - 9pm (all levels vinyasa with meditation)

'Early Bird Thursday': (all levels hatha flow)

'YogaLIte Friday' 10am - 11am (this class is suitable for pregnancy and easy-goers)

'Steady and Slow Sunday': 10-11am (all levels hatha flow)



£8.50 per class of one hour and over

£85 per 10 Class Pass 

All pricing options available here.


Skip Oliver is an experienced registered yoga teacher endorsed internationally and nationally by the Yoga Alliance US, the Independent Yoga Network UK and the Yoga Alliance Professionals UK (E-RYT500, SYT, Yoga Elder).


Skip is also an Authorised Yoga Teacher Trainer and author who has trained over 1700 yoga teachers in small groups. She has been teaching yoga since 1998 and apart from being an enthusiastic teacher of All Levels Yoga, she is a specialist pregnancy yoga teacher, having devised her own pregnancy yoga programme and training course from her own experience of  3 pregnancies and homebirth in the 90s.  She is also one of the pioneers of children's and teens' yoga in the UK and is the Founder and Creator of the innovative teacher training company Yoga Bananas®.


Skip was a competitive athlete in her teens and this experience means she remains consciously in her body when she teaches, delivering concise and precise instruction on the nuances of each pose and its releasing potential on hard areas of tension. She is adept at integrating those just beginning on their yoga journey and those who already have a solid practice. 


Each class is uniquely choreographed & paced and is suitable for everyone including pregnancy. Although Skip has moved to the countryside she still teaches one class a week to her faithful students in Balham and is now enjoying the benefits of reaching many more people through live-streaming.

Such powerful and engaging classes for both mind and body.  Skip's quality instruction and unique sequences have so much impact.  Her teaching is both spirited and deeply spiritual. Zoom classes are delivered from her peaceful family home in the Surrey hills: Boo, her Romanian rescue dog is a regular and birdsong from the garden a unique soundscape.  Skip builds in challenge and mastery for all levels.  She gets to know all her pupils well and easily fine tunes a pose to suit the quirks of injuries / tightness for example as well as developing aptitudes. Classes include mastery of poses and flow sequences where breathing and repetitions develop performance. Meditations and relaxation are significant aspects to the classes too. Her pregnancy classes prepared me so well for labour and transition to motherhood at 40 then 44.  The challenge and support I derive from the series of 4 weekly classes is so valuable. Each has a different quality and practising at different times of the day is an eye-opener. Skip's physiological knowledge, yogi wisdom and integrity are broad and deep; as a teacher she is hard to beat and her classes are quite simply superb. 

Sue Daley, London


Having attended Skip’s classes and enjoyed 2 wonderful retreats, I would rate Skip as the best yoga teacher I have been lucky enough to meet in many, many years. Each class is fresh and different. Everyone is treated warmly, professionally and with care. Skip explains the why as well as the what with generosity and authority. Her spiritual yet playful approach means you will feel wonderful after every session. Everyone who attends her yoga classes in Wandsworth seems to be lovely. And most importantly you will laugh as you progress - the highest praise possible. Go!

Penny H, London

'Rumpus', 4 New Road, Forest Green, Surrey Hills, RH5 5SA

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