whYoga Pregnancy Technique™  

Established in 1999, the whYoga Pregnancy Yoga Training Course will prove invaluable to yoga teachers, and yoga teacher trainees searching for safe yoga techniques, knowledge and understanding of this transformative and profound experience. All material is written by Skip Oliver and is experientially informed and extensively referenced. Skip is a natural birth advocate who believes that unless there is truly something physiologically preventing it, all women can have the positively memorable birth they hope for. It is the 'system' that women have become to depend upon that fails women, not women themselves. Knowledge is all most women need to favourably steer the course of their labour and birth. Much of Skip's work is influenced by Michel Odent, who attended her third birth many years ago and her dedication to changing the received wisdom for the benefit of society - for as many of her case studies have shown, how we are born, affects how we live (Michel Odent).

whYoga offers 2 levels of training:

1) Home - Study Learning - two in depth teaching manuals on Physiology and Yoga Techniques For Pregnancy including illustrated sequences and 4 films that clearly demonstrate a complete class for Pubis Symphysis Dysfunction, First Trimester, Second Trimester and Third Trimester. This is suitable for those who cannot commit to the Practical Learning due to unfavorable location. Self-study. Please note this option does not involve any personal tutoring although I am contactable for questions and queries. Price: £200.

2) Practical Learning Intensive - attendance of two days (usually held on two Thursdays) with Skip Oliver to learn the craft of teaching pregnancy yoga, plus two in-depth teaching manuals on Physiology and Yoga Techniques For Pregnancy. This course is often held one to one for a personal experience. This course constitutes 18 contact CEU's and 22 non-contact CEU's for yogaalliance.org.

Physiology: Working through the manual written by Skip Oliver. The manual includes extensive notations on the physiology of birth. The aim of this manual is to introduce all prospective teachers of pregnant women to a demystified and demedicalised approach to pregnancy, labour and birth. Skip has written scripts for use in class that empower women throughout their pregnancy.

Yoga Techniques: This manual offers you all the practical advice you need on writing classes for pregnancy and the post partum phase and how to structure a class for pregnant women, with lots of creative ideas and ilustrations by OnelLongHum Design, so that you may leave the course equipped to go straight out and teach.

Both levels of training require that you sign, print and date a Terms Of Use document and complete a booking form. Please contact Skip at askskip@whyoga.com for a booking form.

Book Online - Price: £600 Practical Intensive  - 28 July and 04 August 2016 -  (2 Day Course)

Book Online - Price: £200 Home-Study







    I have DEFINITELY found a friend, and a role model. You are incredibly inspiring. However I'm sure I'm not the first person who's said that to you. I feel very lucky to have been able to spend these past two training days with you and I cannot wait to get out there and disseminate your wisdom to others...and one day, who knows, maybe I'll even get to apply it to myself.

    Henrietta Greene

    I certainly enjoyed my time with you and hope that I can run a successful pregnancy class now as I do feel much more aware having spent two solid days with you.  I feel your method of teaching is very relaxed and personal which helps me retain the knowledge rather than learning 'by the book'. 

    Jane Dodd

    Skip, you are a very knowledgeable, fun and confidence-building individual. The course material is thorough and met both my personal and professional needs. As a mother the physiology part of the course gave me a better understanding of birthing, offering some key information which may completely improve my experience of birth the second time. Professionally, I was able to write my own 6 weeks course material as soon as the course was completed. I am now opening my 3rd weekly Pregnancy Yoga class in Reigate, Surrey, through my local company www.yogamoo.com, only 3 months after completing the course.

    Laurence Turner

    I feel so fortunate to have attended your whYoga Pregnancy Teacher Training. You create an intimate, positive, safe and interactive environment, where we all are able to share our experiences. Before my training I knew very little about pregnancy. After completing the training, I returned home full of excitement, inspiration and with a deeper knowledge.  The way the course was organised was ideal. I appreciate the time we had to discuss the importance and impact of different hormones, labour and the spirituality of birth. At the end of our training, Skip invited us to one of her pregnancy yoga classes. This is where we experienced how she teaches her class with the same positive, safe and dynamic way she taught us – it was an incredible experience. Skip’s approach and yoga flows are dynamic and informative and interweaves a deep respect for a woman’s body. As a new yoga teacher, I feel empowered and inspired to start sharing the asanas and pranayama exercises with women who are celebrating their pregnancy.

    And once again, thank you Skips for the gift you have given to me and so many others by sharing your expertise. I feel so very blessed. Namaste, Jenn!

    Jenn Hepton